Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Spring

Hey Readers,

Sorry I have been away for so long. I have lots of things to share with you today so they will be broken up into different posts.

Firstly I would like to let you know that I haven't forgotten about my faithful readers. I had an unexpect funeral to go to about a week and a half ago. A dear friend of mine who I have known since I was a baby was hit by a train while on his work route. I took it very hard (because I am still not over my uncle's death). We are finding out more on how the accident happend. Even though we don't understand why God took him so early, God has a reason for it. If you could do me a favor and keep his wife Sandy & his son Rodney in your thoughts and prayers I would really appreciate it. Also if you would like to make cards/tags to Sandy please let me know and we could do a blog type of thing and I can hand deliver them to her. She loves homemade crafts & it would brighten her day.

The other reasons I havent posted are because I have been pretty sick, and I am just starting to feel better. Plus I have been pretty busy getting ready for an Easter cantata for church. It's this Saturday & Easter Sunday. So wish me & the rest of my choir members luck. It will be a powerful program that we have in store for the ones who come out and listen to us.

Anywho that was just a little update on me and my life.

I will be back later this afternoon with another post. In the meantime check out my youtube channel. HERE

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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